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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Black woman shopping

Ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding fashion that speaks directly to you? Are you looking for a brand that offers more than just a high-end or popular label? Do you support companies with valuable products that inspire you to take the world by storm and live up to your potential rather than fall in line behind others? What about stylists who design for a cause? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then we’ve got something in common! We too crave more when it comes to the statements we wish to make with our clothes and accessories. Get inspired with us as we explore the options for those seeking serious style with a purpose. Read More »



If candles and kitchenware can get into every home in America through home parties, why not use a home party business to help women all over the world out of poverty? And that is how Trades of Hope began. Read More »

Jewelry for Every Occasion

a collection of vintage jewelry

When thinking of essential accessories, it’s important to think of versatility, especially as gorgeous jewelry can be very expensive.  The ideal pieces should be classically interesting in order to go from a professional setting, to grocery shopping, to then a night out with friends. These select items don’t have to shatter your budget either, if you purchase with these simple ... Read More »

Winter Accessories


Stay fashionably warm this winter season!   Mix and match accessories for added color and classic style. Deep Red Wool Floppy Hat Crystal Flower Studs                                                                   ... Read More »