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The Three C’s of Father’s Day Gift-Giving


Psst…we’ve got a little secret we want to share with you about Father’s Day. No matter how grateful they may seem, dads don’t want a tie on their special day. Nor do they want anything that reminds them they have to go back to the office on Monday. That includes fountain pens, coffee mugs, picture frames, brief cases and yes, neckties. Read More »

DIY Mother’s Day Makings


Looking for unique, hand-made gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day? It’s only a few days away which is plenty of time to start crafting a one-of-a-kind design. Here’s our curated list of DIY-inspired gifts for mom this May. Read More »

Giving from the heart: Simple tips for creating personalized gifts with deep meaning


It's that time of year to recognize the important people in your life. From Mother's Day and Father's Day to weddings and graduations, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate your loved ones. But this year, don't fall into the trap of giving generic cards and gifts that are often discarded. It's easier than ever to create a special present that comes from the heart, for any occasion. Read More »