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5 Tips for Making the Most of Summertime Family Travel


Most families eagerly await the summer travel season as an opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather, explore new areas, and spend time together engaging in fun activities. But for families with a new baby, the summer travel season suddenly becomes a lot more complicated. Is it too ambitious to plan a vacation with a baby? What will the travel experience be like? And what to do with all that gear? Read More »

Traveling with Kids

Road Trip

As a seasoned traveler, Daddy Nickell knows how stressful it can be to voyage with small children. Don’t get caught up in the stress this year, follow these tried and true tips for ensuring easy travel with your kids for Spring Break, summer and beyond. Read More »

Winter Travel Tips

Winter Travel Driving

The holidays nearly always include travel. Whether it’s multiple trips to the store for groceries and presents, a road-trip to visit relatives, or a cross-country airplane ride to Grandma’s. At some point you’re likely to be packing, fielding “are we there yet?” or corralling your little ones through airport security. As much of a hassle all of this can be, ... Read More »