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Pennsylvania: Crayons, Puppets and Chocolates for the Entire Family!


Pennsylvania is known for many noteworthy activities, and welcomes visitors of all ages—and from all over the world—to its attractions and wonders. In addition to its breathtaking seasons and scenery, as well as its historic presence as one of the original thirteen colonies, the state is also home to storied wonders, such as the Liberty Bell and Gettysburg. All in all, it’s a wonderful environment to take in a history lesson while living life to its fullest. Read More »

Chocolate: The Sweetest Thing


As it turns out, chocolate is no longer our frenemy, in fact it comes off as more of a disguised hero. Now being referred to by many as a “superfood”, numerous studies have indicated chocolate having...almost superhuman health benefits. Although it’s not chocolate itself that causes such positive results, but rather cocao – a beanlike seed that cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate is derived from Read More »