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Nanny vs. DayCare


Making the list of Pros & Cons is essential for finding the best care for your little ones.  Here are a few to get you started. DAYCARE PROS:  •Most affordable option •Well supervised and many adults are present •Your child will be able to socialize with other children •More reliable, won’t call in sick •Licensed and regulated •Maintain privacy, you do not ... Read More »

Teaching Kids About Money

Should you reward your child for keeping a clean room or getting good grades at school? By Scott Reeves, Minyanville Rewards are intended to encourage good behavior, but require a little thought to get right. First, be careful what you wish for. “If you reward certain types of behavior, you might end up getting that behavior all the time – and it might be something that you only wanted once ... Read More »

Stop Feeling Guilty Going Back to Work!

Working Guilt

  Going back to the daily grind i s a hard transition after spending weeks or months staying home and getting to know your precious little one. Here are a few suggestions that will keep the guilt at bay and have you feeling good about going back to work! Remember that time with your children is not about quantity but about ... Read More »

Can your Hormones Decide your Career?


Take a moment to think back to a simple time in life when we were all bright-eyed little girls playing with our Barbies at home. Sure, Barbie was pretty, smart and could have virtually any career imaginable but being a successful career woman was rarely the topic of our playtime. It was mainly focused on what type of fun Barbie was going to have ... Read More »