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Why Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag


The Money Pleasure Principle:  Why Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag Any More.  (or, understanding the misunderstanding) When you get right down to it, our minds are built to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  So where does saving money fit into that?  It doesn’t.  That’s why we’re not any good at it.  Just look at the stats – ... Read More »


Saving Money

By Michael Weiss, Content Developer for Giving kids an allowance is a time honored tradition as old as, well, having them make their beds or set the dinner table.  But it turns out that for many of today’s families, the ritual of allowance giving can create a lot of stress and apprehension.  A recent field study by found ... Read More »

Spring Cleaning your Finances

Sweeping up Money.

Spring is here, a time for new beginnings. So how about spring cleaning your finances for a fresh and organized head start to 2012. These useful steps will not only help you keep your financial life organized but may even save you a few dollars. Refer to them regularly to keep up to date and have one less thing to ... Read More »

Household Budget How to Make a That Works


  Many people just spend as needed, or desired, and hope the next paycheck arrives before the money runs out. This is a mistake, but it’s easily corrected by drafting a budget – and sticking to it. A spending plan will help you define your expenses and following it will point you in the direction of future savings. A financial tune-up ... Read More »