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We don’t plan to fail…

We don’t plan to fail…


She looked up at me with tear-filled, eyes and said, “Why can’t I go to college like my friends?” It was then the “should have’s” surfaced. I should have saved more money, researched scholarships, and contributed to a 529. Maybe if I’d just given up my daily Starbucks fix that would have helped? Or I could have let go of those premium channels, ate at home more, and got a simpler phone plan. How many endless articles have I read on how to save but, I just wish someone would have helped me put together an easy plan. 

College is eighteen years away when you have a newborn. Just getting through the day scheduling naps, feedings, diaper changes, and entertaining them is simply exhausting. Who has the time, the extra cash or the plan to save money for college? Soon they are toddlers and the endless money drain begins with pre-school, fun/educational activities, and new clothing every ten minutes. Lastly, they are school age and not only do they need more; it costs buckets of time and money. You still have those cost-draining birthday parties, activities, and endless clothes changes, but you add the fact that you are a living breathing ATM machine. Cars, movies, and don’t get me started on the cost of yearbooks! Still haven’t started saving? Need help?

Give yourself an easy plan. Avoid the pain and tears; invest early in her imagination and education with College Savings Dolls®. Start with realistic 15” scaled to size, positive body-image dolls, based on actual college girls. Add career clothes to spark her imagination at an early age and get her thinking on the right track.

You will start seeing her childhood as a wonderful journey, and less of a day to day race to the next event. Our motto is, “Play, Imagine, Save, Succeed”. You work together to accomplish one goal; she plays and imagines, you save and she succeeds.

Use the mini-search engine financial website to calculate how much you need to save, research colleges, get tips, and use links to financial plans. At the same time, she is having fun on the companion site creating crafts, playing games, learning about saving, entering scholarship contests and imagining her future. Together you start forming that plan for success.

“Play, Imagine, Save, Succeed”