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Nanny vs. DayCare

Nanny vs. DayCare

Making the list of Pros & Cons is essential for finding the best care for your little ones.  Here are a few to get you started.


•Most affordable option
•Well supervised and many adults are present
•Your child will be able to socialize with other children
•More reliable, won’t call in sick
•Licensed and regulated
•Maintain privacy, you do not have to open your home
•Teachers care for more than one child. Ratio can range from 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 depending on age.
•Very rigid pickup and drop-off times, so if you need care before and after work, you have to make other arrangements
•If your child is sick they are unable to attend so you will have to find other arrangements if you cannot take the day off work.
•Your child will be sick more often as they are exposed to more germs.
• Turnover is usually high in daycares

•Your child gets to be at home where they are most comfortable and familiar
•Your child is not exposed to the many illnesses in a daycare
•One-on-one care is provided
•More convenient for the parents as they don’t have to go anywhere to drop off or pick up their child
•Your child can nap and eat on own their own schedule
•Flexible to your schedule
•More control over rules and values

•Cost. Having a Nanny is the most expensive form of childcare.
•This care is unsupervised (unless you work from home) so fi nding a Nanny you trust is important.
•Your child isn’t around other kids as much so there is a lack in socialization.
•If your Nanny calls in sick you have to find a replacement or not go to work
•Extra costs and hassles to employing someone. Example: paid vacation, payroll taxes, benefits.
•High turnover may occur if you can not find the right fit