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Personal Branding: How to Build Your Brand for Career Success

Personal Branding: How to Build Your Brand for Career Success

By Pamela Weinberg

Having a unique, well-defined and authentic personal brand is one of the keys to landing the job you want and having career success at the job you have. A strong personal brand will differentiate you from your competitors; ultimately making you more marketable. No two professionals are the same; and those nuances, differences and distinctions make up our “brand.” Are you multi-lingual? Have an MBA from a top school? Hold a top position at a professional association? Created a non-profit? All of these accomplishments are part of your brand—and set you apart from your peers. Here’s what you need to know about how to build your personal brand for career success.

Create a Personal Mission Statement

An important starting point for brand building is crafting a Personal Mission Statement. Your mission statement is a personal GPS system meant to guide you in your day-to-day activities and to keep you on track to meet your goals. Here is a sample of a personal mission statement crafted by a woman looking for a position as a brand manager: “To secure a position as a brand manager at a luxury goods company where I can utilize my proven track record in marketing communications and my quantitative skills. I will accomplish this by attending and eventually speaking at professional association meetings; utilizing social media to connect with experts in my field; and by blogging about the luxury good markets.” To see samples of personal mission statements check out or

Become an Expert or Thought Leader

Becoming a subject matter expert is an excellent way to build your personal brand. If you are a “go-to” person in your field you are eminently hireable and desired. Some ways to accomplish this include:

  • Create a blog; or contribute to a blog in your chosen field (check out for top blogs in each industry.
  • Do your own personal Public Relations: Perhaps you got a promotion; were quoted in an industry publication; or spoke at a professional association meeting: send out a press release on to help raise your visibility.
  • Sign up for Help a Reporter Out: this site matches reporters with experts and experts with reporters. With so many media outlets available, reporters are often searching for professionals to quote for industry articles or blogs: sign up to be an “expert.”

Monitor Your Brand



Pamela Weinberg is an independent career coach and works with clients in all phases of career development. She has developed a niche in personal branding and speaks frequently to students and alumni at various universities across the country on the topic. Recently seminars and webinars have been presented at NYU, Columbia University; Johns Hopkins University and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Pamela works with participants to build their personal brands through social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) as well as through personal public relations and networking. Through her company, Pamela works with on-ramping women to help them return to the workplace after taking time off to raise their families. In addition, Pamela is an adjunct instructor at NYU-SCPS in the field of Career Management. 



  • This is an excellent, clear, and concise set of recommendations Pamela! So many people wax eloquent about this subject, to the tune of 1,000+ words, even though that may not always be necessary. A few bullet points, the right tools, one foot in front of the other, and anyone can be well on their way to developing their personal brand.