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From the Tank to your Beauty Arsenal

From the Tank to your Beauty Arsenal

By Olivia Orzech

Shark Tank is known for some of the wackiest products, especially when it comes to products related to beauty and health- remember “Cougar Energy”? But there are a few ideas that end up making it into the realm of actually useful. Here are 5 favorites that should make their way into your health and beauty arsenal!

1. Glacé Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is one of the newest health and wellness procedures to see popularity in the U.S. Cryotherapy involves forcing cold air onto the body for 2-3 minutes, causing blood vessels to constrict and then dilate once the procedure is over. As a result, your body sees a range of benefits, from tightened skin to muscle pain relief. Cryotherapy has been in use since the ancient Egyptians, but a spa called Glacé Cryotherapy is making it more accessible. They have special chambers for the procedure, and everything is done with the privacy and expertise of a Cryosauna operator.

2. Glow Recipe

Tank2 (1)

If you’ve been in a Sephora lately, the majority of new products are from Korea and Japan. Why? Because they’re holistic ways of approaching beauty and wellness have not only worked for centuries, but are also healthier for your skin and more sustainable on the environment. Glow Recipe is a company that took the best parts of Korean beauty practices and bottled them up for us to use! They’re formulas are tested and researched on different skin types and ethnicities, so you can be sure you’re getting something great for your skin.

3. Simple Sugars


Need a skin refresh that won’t make your sensitive skin freak out? Look to Simple Sugars for your solution. These are all natural facial, body, and foot scrubs that are specifically designed for people with sensitive skin. On top of being gentle, they are all designed with special benefits like their super powered Coffee Facial Scrub with Coffeberry Extract that will not only wake you up, but also give your skin the antioxidants it craves. Can someone say Mother’s Day gift?

4. Buzzy


This is for the little ones in your life, or yourself if you hate needles! Buzzy is a device that is designed to distract from the the pain of needles while simultaneously providing pain relief. It achieves this by having an ice pack attached to the device, which then vibrates when applied to the injection area. It has been shown to help increase the success rate of IV insertions and studies have even shown that is reduces pain in both children and adults. Some hospitals have them, but you can also purchase one for home use or to bring to your doctor’s office.

5. Hot Tot Hair Products

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Are the kids always stealing your hair products- and by stealing I mean putting too much in their hair, or even worse, pouring it out all over the bathroom sink? Well now there’s Hot Tot, a line of hair care products, including a shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, detangler, and curl serum, designed specifically for children. It soy, dairy, and peanut-free, while also being completely eco-friendly and cruelty free. So go ahead, get the kids their own products and teach them a bit of environmental sustainability while you’re at it!