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Forget about 50 Shades, We’re Talking 40 Beads

Forget about 50 Shades, We’re Talking 40 Beads

By Melanie K Nelson

It’s time to ask the question that most women are afraid to ask.  Are you satisfied with your sex life?  Be honest with yourself, it’s OK!  Between work, raising the kids and maintaining the house, it can be hard to give your sex life the attention that it deserves.  What is even worse, we often use sex as a weapon in arguments.  We use it to reward “good” behavior and we withhold it to punish “bad” behavior.  The problem is that when we withhold sex as a punishment, we start a negative spiral that can be detrimental to our relationships.


It is a common scenario; the hubby is once again glued to the TV while you’re busting your butt trying to chisel away at the never-ending list of things that need to be done.  As a result, when he tries to make a move later that night, you are quick to shut him down.  This only creates animosity that builds over time causing both an increase in the less-than-favorable behavior and a decrease in sex.  You end up fighting against each other rather than working together.  Sound familiar?


One working mom has discovered the solution!  Carolyn Evans found a simple method that helped her own marriage and is now out to help couples across the country.  What is her secret to marital success?  The secret is the method that she calls The 40 Beads.  “A man has to have sex to feel close, and a woman has to feel close to want to have sex with him,” says Evans.  The Beads take away the tension and animosity that can build around sex.  The women places a small bowl (or “beadcatcher”) near her bed and gives her husband the beads.  When he places a bead in to the beadcatcher it means that the couple will have sex within the next 24 hours.  So how does this translate to a better relationship?


When the man places the bead in to the bead catcher, and he knows what is going to happen very soon, there are a few changes that go on in his brain.  First off, he becomes filled with anticipation and excitement.  Since these feelings are focused completely on his wife, he feels closer and more positively towards her.  As a result, he acts more loving and attentive to his wife’s needs, causing her to be more receptive to his sexual needs.  Instead of the negative cycle that used to happen, this is just the opposite!  What you are left with is a fun approach to sex that satisfies both partner’s wants and needs.  When your relationship strengthens in the bedroom, the results can be seen in all other areas too!

Although the method is simple in practice, it’s profound in results.  Women all around the country are singing the praises of the Beads saying that it has given them the sex life and the strong relationship that they have always wanted!  If you are ready to stop fighting against your partner and try something constructive and fun it’s time for the Beads.  

To learn how to improve your relationship by improving your sex life, pick up Forty Beads: The Simple Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage.