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Treat your Sweetie – the Healthy Way

Treat your Sweetie – the Healthy Way

Delicious Indulgences for Valentine’s Day

Between the luxurious dinners, the wine and champagne, and of course dessert – Valentine’s Day is one of the most indulgent days of the year. And while a little decadence is deserved at times, we at Juice Press think it’s far more romantic to show your partner you care the healthy way with a variety of sweet treats.

Here, we share some favorites to spark the mood and show your love:

Raw Chocolates: These are superfood raw chocolate truffles, perfect for a pick me up on Valentine’s Day or really any time you need (or want) one… ! The combination of raw cacao, energizing maca, acai, pomegranate and goji berries is the perfect gluten free treat. An added bonus – raw cacao is claimed to have amazing nutritive properties including being antioxidant, iron and magnesium rich.


Love at First Sight: A sweet way to get your greens, this delicious blend combines green apple, kale, spinach and lemon to give you the perfect proportions of savory, sweet, and tart. Alkalizing benefits and a super-dose of iron make this a choice that is as smart as it is satisfying.


Love Me: Inspired by the graffiti “Love Me” by Curtis Kulig, an American artist, photographer, and illustrator, this combination of kale, spinach, green apple and lemon has a higher greens to fruit ratio, serving up savory in a stylish package.

Acai Bowl: acai berry bowl is a layered work of perfection! with a nutty crust as the base and a maca infused acai filling, our raw berry jam and fresh banana slices top this off perfectly. gluten free!

acaibowl (1)

Share your love this Valentine’s Day with healthy options from Juice Press.



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