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Breast Cancer – Are you at risk?

Breast Cancer

  On most days, I feel like the average stay at home mom. I am in my early thirties raising two little girls while my husband goes out to battle his way through the corporate world. Together, we run a well oiled machine that is on the go from the early hours of the morning until very late at night. We ... Read More »

Finding Your Center


  Reconnect :: with your Abdominal Muscles (Properly) & Jump Start A Safe, Effective Postpartum Abdominal Exercise Program. Flat, toned abdominals are the desire of many women and one of the biggest goals of any post-natal exercise program. You want them? Well, simply do more abdominal exercises and Voila! the flat mid-section of your dreams will appear. Oh, if only it were that simple and ... Read More »

The Best Vitamins for You and Your Family

Best Multivitamin

Who Needs What? Like a lot of moms I spend countless minutes standing in the vitamin isle at the local drug store contemplating which vitamins are best for my kids, which ones do they really need and which ones do my husband and I need, but always walk away unsure and frustrated. In a perfect world their would be a super vitamin that would work for everyone. ... Read More »

The Exercising Mama – Busy Mom? No Time?

Mom Workouts

  We have all heard it before – a happy and healthy mom equals a happy and healthy baby. And I am sure that we all couldn’t agree more with this statement. In my experience, I have found the number one complaint of most moms, particularly new moms, is that there is absolutely no time to care for themselves? As mothers we have traded in our ... Read More »

Physique 57 : A Star Workout

Physique 57

IN THE FALL ISSUE of AKA Mom, we asked our cover model Denise Richards to let us in on some of her secrets for staying in shape. She told us that Physique 57® was a key element and said it was “the most challenging workout for my body”. After hearing that we had to know more, so we set out to find out just what Physique 57® ... Read More »

Moms Health: Medical Tests Every Woman Needs


AS A MOM, chances are your to-do list is longer than the Great Wall of China, so you may be tempted to let necessary medical tests slip by the wayside. Don’t let that happen… be proactive when it comes to your health. After all, no one else can handle the nose wiping, homework checking, bath giving, dinner making and laundry folding with the ... Read More »