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Look like a Beauty, Eat like a Beast!

Look like a Beauty, Eat like a Beast!

By Brenna Robinson

There has been a lot of news lately about women dieting like men. Every woman knows that life is unfair when it comes to which gender loses weight faster. Men generally have the unfair advantage of dropping pounds quickly and easily just by cutting out beer, soda, or their morning latte. Meanwhile, women cut out carbohydrates, lessen calories, and do tons of cardio and still have difficulty dropping weight.

Scientists tell us the reason men drop pounds more easily is that they have more testosterone and muscle mass, resulting in a higher metabolism.  But recent news is telling us that women may be able to drop pounds as quickly as men if they some take diet tips from men.  Men typically attack excess pounds from a different angle, focusing on adding more protein to their diet, lifting heavy weights, and taking the slower more achievable approach of only cutting out one treat per day. A woman typically chooses to do massive amounts of cardio, lowering calories, cutting out protein and increasing vegetables, and not allowing themselves any treats.  Women focus so strictly on the process that it becomes difficult to stick to, leading to yo-yo dieting.  Men typically go slow and steady and are less likely to beat themselves up if they slip up and have that extra cheese pizza for lunch.

 Is this more conservative and sustainable approach men take helping them stay on track longer and remain consistent with their goals or is it really the anatomy and chemistry that is propelling a man’s weight loss? The answer is yes to both.  Men do have a metabolic advantage over weight loss, but they also take an approach to dieting that is stress free and easier to stick with. This stress free approach is another advantage for team men. Stress increases with cortisol levels and leads to weight gain. Women tend to stress more about being overweight and dieting, increasing the amount of cortisol in the body and making it more difficult to lose weight.  

So what is the verdict, should women diet like men and will it make a difference?  Women should take some tips from men, but a woman’s approach is not completely wrong either. Combining the two is the best option. Not every diet works for every person, you must do what works best for your body. 

Follow these modified “man diet” tips:

  • Eat like our ancestors: protein, veggies, and nuts/seeds
  • Choose lean protein (chicken, fish, and turkey).
  • Add weight lifting to your exercise routine, it’s a myth that weight lifting makes women bulky.
  • Do not cut out entire food groups. This leads to deficient nutrients and increases cravings.
  • Slow and steady wins the race, don’t stress if you slip up one day, tomorrow is a new day.
  • Get plenty of rest. When you are tired, you tend to crave starchy and sugary foods.
  • Allow yourself to have one treat per day. Knowing that you can have it again tomorrow can help you sustain from over doing it.