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Health Gadget Geek

By Brenna Robinson

Technology has taken our obsession with tracking calories one step further will the birth of new gadgets that cover a wide array of health and wellness. Fitness gadgets can track the number of stairs you climb, calories you burn, distance you walk, active minutes, quality of sleep, heart rate and more… but there is more to health and wellness than just tracking numbers. Here are five innovative health gadgets that are more than trackers and are worth reading about.

Stress has a huge factor on how we feel and function throughout our day, so why not measure your brain fitness?  Introducing Muse, is the newest brain sensing headband. Muse is essentially a treadmill for your mind. This little tool is based after the electroencephalography (EEG) which many clinics use to measure electrical impulses in your brain, or in simple terms, it measures your brain signals. Muse takes your signals, creates a baseline and then teaches you how to focus your attention through brain exercises. The gadget uses the sound of the wind to inform you of your progress. A calm wind represents focused brain activity, where a strong, active wind represents a distracted mind. Check this out at Your first thought might be it comes with a hefty price, but it is actually reasonably priced at $299.


So you’re tired of seeing all the step trackers and are wondering when it is your turn to get something cool for your bike. Introducing The Smart Pedal from Connected Cycle. This gadget turns your bicycle into a smart bike. It tracks the distance, incline, speed, route and calories burned when riding your bike. The best thing about it is that also provides an anti-theft protection. It will notify you if your bike is moved and gives you the ability to locate it. Oh, and did I mention that it generates its own energy and charges itself?  Go to to learn more.


Tracking sleep with an armband not your thing? Not loving the idea of a cell phone in your bed with an app to monitor your sleep? Your problems are solved. How about a sleep tracker that you place on your nightstand?  It records your breathing through sensing your chest movements to analyze sleep. It also provides sleep sounds that will sync with your breathing to slow your breathing and help you fall asleep faster. S + by ResMed is priced at $149.99.  Look for this one at


HEALBE has taken the wearable fitness tracker one step further! The Gobe is a one-of-a-kind wearable fitness tracker that not only measures heart rate, sleep, and activity but also calories consumed, water balance, stress level and even energy consumed. You no longer have to tediously enter in all of the food you have eaten for the day. Your energy intake is measured for you, taking out the convenient risk of forgetting the donut you ate this morning. Gobe is priced at $299; check it out at


Parents, you have not been forgotten. Need to check your baby’s temperature but you aren’t willing to chance disturbing their slumber? Blue Spark Technologies hears you and has brought 24/7 monitoring technology from the hospital to your home. TempTraq is a wearable patch with a thermometer sensor that tracks the temperature and alerts your smart phone when your baby’s temperature is elevated. Pricing is not yet available for this one, but keep checking for updates at  


The world of fitness technology is changing to include overall health and wellness. It is always progressing and continues to impress with new ideas.  Who knows, maybe one day they will finally make gadget to take the calories out of chocolate and help all of us fit into our skinny jeans! (wink, wink)