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By:  Danielle Augustin

Attempting to manage a family, kids and a job while maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be quite overwhelming. The simple days of running to the gym or going on a last minute run have been replaced by school lunches, homework, business deadlines and fostering meaningful relationships. Adding a weekly workout schedule to the list can sometimes seem too much and is usually the first item to be unfulfilled from your daily task list.  But, it can absolutely be done and you will look and feel amazing. 

I am a working mother of four children and after looking in the mirror one day several years ago, I realized that I hadn’t put any effort into living a healthy lifestyle since I became a mother. I was completely focused on my family and my business, but I wasn’t making time for myself.  I made a decision six years ago to get healthy, workout and live a positive life.  It wasn’t easy.  I gave up a few times after just a few months.  But, I started over more than once and eventually it stuck.  I’ve had a consistent workout schedule for nearly five years now and I’ve never felt or looked healthier. I have reached and exceeded my goals year after year.  Now, I continuously look forward to what the next challenge will be.

It really doesn’t take much to get back on track.  You just have to take the first step which is definitely the hardest. In fact, once you get into the swing of a consistent workout schedule and start seeing actual results, you will be even more motivated and find yourself going beyond your expectations. Taking time for yourself each day will positively impact all areas of your life and you will be a better mother, wife and business woman.  When you feel good about yourself, you are more positive and will be open to amazing opportunities.

Here are some quick and easy steps for working mothers to start and maintain a positive and healthy workout schedule and overall lifestyle:
  1. SET GOALS:  Set weekly goals to workout.  3-4 times per week is best, but even if you can only work out 1-2 times, that’s a great start.  Include some form of cardio and strength training as a part of your workout.  Even if you only have 30 minutes each day-that’s great.
  2. FIND A FRIEND:  It makes it more difficult to find an excuse to not go to the gym, walk or run when you have a friend counting on you standing in your office ready to go. If you can afford a personal trainer, try this option one time per week-just another friend waiting for you at the gym to help you be accountable and provide new workout ideas.
  3. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: As you go week to week and fulfill your goals, challenge yourself the next month to increase the number of workouts each week or the time you workout each day.
  4. TIME: Try using part of your lunch hour to workout.  If you are eating healthy snacks throughout the day, you can take the beginning of your lunch hour to workout and the last 20 minutes or so to eat a healthy lunch. This is what I do nearly every day. It has been the key for me being able to maintain a consistent workout schedule.
  5. EAT HEALTHY:  No matter what your workout schedule, if you don’t eat a healthy diet, you won’t make much if any progress on getting fit. Just being aware of what you are putting in your body and really thinking about it first can really cut down on the calories. This has been another key for me – meal proportions.
  6. DRESS UP: This may sound silly…don’t dress too frumpy when you workout.  As you increase your workout schedule, seeing the results and you looking fabulous while doing it is actually very motivating.
  7. DON’T GIVE UP: Even if you skip a week or a month, set a new goal and start over until it sticks! YOU CAN DO IT!!