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Running to a New You

Running to a New You

By Becky Johnston

Nearly 50% of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but only about 8% of those resolutions will be fulfilled. The reason for this is that we want to see our resolutions accomplished too quickly. We are a fast-food culture, and we want all things in our lives to happen with little to no delay. That doesn’t happen with fitness goals.The weight that came on over several years is not going to come off immediately. New Year’s fitness resolutions need to be made in bite size, manageable portions that will take time to accomplish.

Losing weight is possible, but it will not happen overnight. The weight didn’t come on in a month and it won’t come off in a month, but it will come off. That weight crept on and it is time to kick it off through running. Running is a great way to lose weight, whip your heart and lungs into shape, and relieve stress.

The great thing about running is it only requires a good pair of running shoes. This makes running a lot more affordable than the monthly dues at a local gym. The cost is low and there is  freedom in running. With no strict schedule to follow, your time is your own and so are your goals. Here is how to get started today:

1)  Get your doctor’s approval. It is important to check with your doctor before starting any new health or fitness regiments.

2)  Buy yourself a good pair of running shoes. Buy a pair of shoes meant for running, such as Nike or ASICs, not just a pair of sneakers.

3)  Decide what your goals are. Plan to start out walk/running, and slowly increase the amount you run both through speed and distance. Injuries are more likely to happen if you push for speed and distance too quickly. Remember, take it slow and easy. You want to make exercise a habit not a short burst. Walk/running a mile once or twice a week is a great goal to start with.

4)  Find a place to run. I prefer to run on trails or in my local state park. There are great trails in most State and National Parks, but if one is not located near you, check out Livestrong to find a runner-approved trail in your area. Livestrong also offers assistance in tracking your health goals, and the calorie counter is fantastic.

5)  Find a friend to run with you. A running partner brings safety and accountability. You will find it harder to back out of the run if you know a friend is waiting for you.

You’ve checked with your doctor, bought your shoes and planned out runs with a friend. The next important thing to remember is that you can do this. Give yourself time to achieve this goal. Be confident and secure in yourself, and get out there and find a new you through running.