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Gym Beauty Tips – How to Avoid Post-Exercise Face

Gym Beauty Tips – How to Avoid Post-Exercise Face

By Zara Lewis

Being a busy mom that is also savvy with time management is praise-worthy. Self-care is extremely important, so if you have found the time for working out while juggling other things in your everyday schedule, we salute you!

If gym is a regular to-do on your list, you must know how important proper skincare is. Air filth piling up, and mixing with skin’s natural oils and excessive sweat may result in breakouts and poor looking skin. When you exercise, your body temperature rises; your heartbeat increases as your heart pumps more blood to the vessels, the ones in your face included. If you’re wondering why you get the lobster-like color while other people don’t, it’s probably due to the fact your blood vessels are more superficial in the cheek area. Some things are genetic, but here’s what’s in your power and how you can work on prevention.

Minding the environment

Your skin is sensitive to external factors. While redness is caused by the regulation of the body temperature in the cooling-down process, the temperature and humidity of the room you’re exercising in, or the weather conditions your skin experiences while you jog – all have their impact on the overall skin’s look. Work out in a cool environment that enables your skin to breathe freely. Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight and make sure you stay hydrated. As for the high-intensity workouts, you may want to scale it down and avoid switching between different intensities too quickly. Although it has its benefits for fat burning, you need to give your body time to gradually progress towards a different intensity workout: it will make your redness less visible and you’ll feel more relaxed during the mild cool-down process.


Prevention: using the right products

If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition such as rosacea, you are very prone to face-redness or might even experience broken capillaries. Either way, your skin is easily stressed out and irritated. This means you have to take particular care of what type of ingredients your beauty products contain, so you can provide your skin with what it needs in the long term. Don’t be lazy and read the ingredients list: choose moisturizers with natural ingredients, like aloe, honey, chamomile, or willow, which soothe sensitive skin. Don’t use products that contain retinol or chemical peels the night before a big workout. To restore your skin’s natural oils, use a face mask enriched with natural ingredients: they will help your skin calm down and become more resistant to outer influences. Invest in redness-reducing products and you can even bring them to your workout: a refreshing body spray will help your face cool down; nourishing wipes will ensure you remove the impurities during your training and cool your face.

Proper care is mandatory

Establishing a good beauty routine is crucial for well-cared skin during the times you’re breaking a sweat. Make sure you cleanse your face on a regular basis and use a gentle cleanser that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea. Clean your skin before and after a workout. By all means, avoid wearing makeup to the gym – it will result in excessive filth accumulating on your skin, leaving you with blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. Avoid using hot water as it promotes dryness of your skin, making it more prone to redness. Don’t skip on using a moisturizing toner: it ensures all the impurities are removed and leaves you with a fresh-looking skin. In addition to taking care of your skin on the outside, make sure you do it from the inside, too. Proper nutrition is very important and do check your iron levels: its deficient may result in itchy and red skin, along with other problems.


When it comes to skin problems that occur due to exercising, prevention is the key. Take these simple steps into consideration, be disciplined with your workout and beauty routines, and enjoy leading a healthy life!d