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Demystifying the Detox Diet

Demystifying the Detox Diet

By Rebecca Maxwell

Detox diets are a popular trend in the world of health and nutrition these days. If you have been following the latest in health fads, no doubt you have heard about them. However, the jury is still out on whether or not detox diets are actually good for you. Many health care experts and dietitians are now questioning the claims behind these food regimens. If you are considering using a detox diet to lose weight, get healthier skin, rid your body of certain addictions, or just feel better, you might want to think again.

What are Detox Diets?

Detox diets refer to those eating plans that essentially promise to rid of the body of harmful toxins. The principle behind them states that these damaging substances build up in our bodies and cause a variety of health problems, everything from weight gain, bloating, decreased immunity, fatigue, and aches and pains. If you can get rid of those toxins in your body by following a specialized diet, you will start to feel great and your body functioning will improve as a result.

What do Detox Diets Require?

Of course, the methods of detoxification vary according to which plan you choose in order to accomplish this. There are detox diets that promise quick results that last anywhere from three to thirty days. Some diets focus solely on eating raw foods, fluids, or a certain kind of nutrient. Others focus on fasting and colon cleansing in order to detox. In general, detox diets encourage the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and plenty of water. Processed foods, meats, eggs, dairy, and refined sugar are typically not allowed.

Are Detox Diets Good for You?

The theory behind detox diets sounds appealing, but there is hardly any scientific evidence these methods do any good. Our bodies get rid of toxins all on their own, no matter what kinds of foods we eat. After all, that is what the liver, lungs, and kidneys do anyway. Moreover, studies have shown that detox diets should never be done for long periods of time because they lead to more health problems connected to nutrition deficiencies. In terms of weight loss, detox diets will help at first because they cut out a lot of calories but the human body cannot last long on such a plan.

Detox diets do offer some noticeable health benefits. They support increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and water while cutting out junk food and unhealthy drinks. In reality, though, detox diets may be more harmful than helpful. They may be great in the short term but most experts agree that they are not a solution in the long run. The key to taking care of your body is to rely on the tried-and-true methods of regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.