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Boosting Brain Power with Sex

Boosting Brain Power with Sex

By Dana DeMercurio

Parents, before reading this, do yourselves a quick favor and do a 360 turn in your chair to make sure no teenagers are within view of this article. Trust us, you don’t want them knowing that sex is one of the best ways to boost brain power…unless of course you no longer want to pay for their weekly math tutor.

That’s right, making regular whoopee not only improves cognitive functions, but also hippocampal functions which can help prevent dementia and long term memory loss.

Allow us to enlighten you.

Located under the cerebral cortex of the human brain is the hippocampus, a central hub or filing cabinet, if you will, for spatial and episodic memory. In a study conducted in 2010 at the University of Maryland, a team of researchers concluded that sexual experience causes cell growth in this region of the brain.

While the research method isn’t all too sexy, the results sure had us curling our toes with excitement. Scientists at the University of Maryland (along with those at Princeton University) found conclusive evidence in their experiment with lab rodents that suggest sexually active rats seemed less anxious than virgins, along with evidence that proved rats that had more sex also had more adult brain cell growth.

This data derived from scientists who gave adult male rats access to sexually receptive females either once daily for two weeks or just once in two weeks. The latter, unfortunately, showed elevated levels of stress hormones, while the rats that enjoyed regular mating showed no increase in the hormones.

Scientists are suggesting from their research that while stress hormones can be harmful to the brain, these effects can be overridden if whatever experience that triggered them were pleasant.

Long story short, folks: sex defeats stress, boosts brain power and can prevent mental disorders that come naturally with old age.  Sounds like three solid reasons to call the babysitter tonight, doesn’t it?!