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Where In The World Is Away?

Where In The World Is Away?

After the Earth Day celebrations subside and you are back to normal routine, it is easy to fall back into not so earth friendly habits. Remember, it’s important to stay green year round and teach your kids to do the same! We love the book Where In The World Is Away by Michael Franti. It speaks about the issue of trash, pollution and it’s effects on the world’s environment. It also teaches about re-cycling and re-use and it’s benefits. With Michael Franti you always have the music. The book will have a musical ‘read-along’ that will surely add to the package. This book is written by Michael Franti and Illustrated by Ben Hodson. Check it out!



Little Lee and little Lou sat by a lake sharing a bottle of juice.

It was a warm sunny day and the birds were at play and we

smiled as we watched mama goose.


As we finished the drink Lou pulled back his arm and said”

I’m gonna throw it AWAY.”

I said “Stop Lou, think!  Before we make a mistake!

Where in the world is AWAY?”


“If we throw it in the lake

it’s gone for today, but is that really AWAY?”


Not for the frogs who hip hop on the logs

or the fish who jump up in the air.

Or the little teeny things

that live off the greens that grow on the bottom down there.


All of our spills just fill up their gills

and it’s really hard to breathe with no air.

They play hide and go seek, and think school is cool

so we shouldn’t make a mess down there…

The self-published book will be available in hardcover with digital copies to follow.  It comes with a humorous read along CD featuring Franti, his son Ade, friend Addison Savage, singer Jolene Rust, and Spearhead band mate J Bowman. Retail price for the hardcover physical copy is $19.99.