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All-Natural Fun: Condoms and Lubricants for a Greener Lifestyle

All-Natural Fun: Condoms and Lubricants for a Greener Lifestyle

By Stephanie Green

In recent years, it has become so popular to employ the use and practice of organics that a green lifestyle is much more than a fad. Local produce, natural peanut butter, and free and clear laundry detergent are just a few of the products that people use daily to reduce their carbon footprint. But is it possible to live a green lifestyle… in the bedroom? Here are four brands that prove it.

Sir Richards


Sir Richards is a brand of condoms that promises the user a sexual experience free of parabens, spermicide, and glycerin. They are Vegan and the tagline says it all: ‘chemicals are not sexy.’ As well, for every box purchased (average $11-13 for a dozen), one is donated to a community in need.



Glyde condoms are advertised as ‘the world’s only certified cruelty-free and free-trade condom. It is also Vegan-certified, eco-friendly, and sustainable. More importantly it is called ‘body-friendly’ – it is free chemicals and fairs better for the sensitive type.



JO personal lubricant is a water-based, female friendly alternative to harsh chemicals found in KY or other brands. There is also an option to buy an exclusively organic version of JO at the same price as the original. Created by a doctor, anyone can be assured that the smoothness of this natural lubricant is better than the rest.



The price tag (typically $10 – 15) may scare a few customers off, but the bottles weigh in at 4.2 ounces. As with any personal lubricant, every drop counts. When you choose a natural, water-based lubricant, you truly get more bang for your buck. The tagline is ‘simple; safe; sexy.’

Natural products are not always worth the price tag or the hassle, but personal products like condoms and lubricants are slightly more important: it means more to keep chemicals away from the most sensitive area of your body. Be natural, play safely.



‘Sir Richards’: