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Drink Water and Save the Planet!

With summer right around the corner ­ it’s time to purify our bodies and get healthy and hydrated. Lifefactory’s 100% eco glass water bottles are the perfect accessory to tote around and help us stay refreshed in style. Not to mention ­ they have a devoted celebrity following including Jessica Alba, Brooke Burke, Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst and many others.

A San Francisco based company, Lifefactory created the first reusable glass beverage bottle that is free of toxins and BPAs and virtually every part of it’s construction is made from recyclable materials. Lifefactory’s beautiful glass-blown containers are specially made in France and are great to stay hydrated throughout the day and serve as a more conscientious alternative to regular plastic bottles. Lifefactory’s intelligent glass design means bottle contents will always have a fresh clean taste, and absolutely no chemical leaching ­ plus the silicone sleeve protects from any breakage and provides a comfortable non-slip gripping surface. And because Lifefactory is committed to product sensibility and convenience, all bottles are dishwasher safe, and truly designed to last a life-time.