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Detoxify With A Party

Detoxify With A Party

By Melanie K. Nelson

Does BPA in plastic have you worried?  Are you concerned about harmful chemicals in products like bug spray and baby wipes?

You’re not alone!

It seems like every week there is another story on the news about toxins in products that we use everyday.  As a Mom, you want to provide a safe and healthy environment for your family, but it can get overwhelming trying to sort the good products from the bad.  When your time is already stretched thin, how do you find time to wade through all of the information?

Want my advice? Just throw a party!

Thanks to the people at a new trend is sprouting up around the country, “Green Momma Parties.  So what is a Green Momma Party?  It is a fun way for you and your friends learn more about dangerous toxins that are in everyday household products and then take easy steps to reduce them!

The Women’s Voices for the Earth website, walks you through the process of planning and hosting your own Green Momma Party.  It provides you will all the information, materials, and even some fun DIY toxin-free recipes for products like Non-Toxic Bug Repellent and Sweet Potato and Melon Mash Baby Food.  The best part is that they offer all of the information for free!

What I love about Green Momma Parties is that they are fun and empowering!  There is so much information out there about going “green”, but most of it is so negative.  Statistics and news reports can be scary and intimidating, not to mention that sometimes I feel like I need a PhD just to understand it all!  Women’s Voices for the Earth have taken the most important and relevant information for Moms and assembled it in an easy-to-understand packet.  The packet even includes practical steps that you and your guests can take to make your home a safer place.

The only part of the party that Women’s Voices for the Earth hasn’t planned for you is the food but no fear, I have you covered!  For your Green Momma Party I recommend these Mini Brie and Arugula Sandwiches with Apple Mustard and Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Cherries and Mint as some light appetizers.  Add some Honeydew Green Iced Tea as a refreshing, healthy drink and Organic Strawberries and Cream Cookies for dessert and you have an easy, light menu that is sure to impress your guests!

So gather some friends, whip up some yummy green foods, and remember that there is no need get overwhelmed, just throw a Green Momma Party!