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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

By Dana DeMercurio

Ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding fashion that speaks directly to you? Are you looking for a brand that offers more than just a high-end or popular label? Do you support companies with valuable products that inspire you to take the world by storm and live up to your potential rather than fall in line behind others? What about stylists who design for a cause? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then we’ve got something in common! We too crave more when it comes to the statements we wish to make with our clothes and accessories. Get inspired with us as we explore the options for those seeking serious style with a purpose.

Tees with quotes are definitely having a moment in fashion! While most teens and young adults are sporting Beyoncé’s “I Woke Up Like This” lyrics or something of the like as part of their favorite fashion, it’s probably more of a cry for attention rather than a form of self-expression. Ditch the monotonous memes, habitual hashtags and clichéd quotes that have saturated the clothing industry, and opt for All the Above Clothing.  ATA Clothing line for men and women features tees inspired by precious life moments and experiences rather than pop culture. Pulling inspiration from unlikely sources throughout life and history, ATA pairs abstract designs with meaningful themes that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Whether it’s heaven, freedom, giving, unanswered prayers or courage, ATA Clothing features products that reach the heart and soul of their customers. To view the entire collection, visit


Find and keep your daily motivation with casual jewelry born out of one woman’s need for inspiration. With an assortment of casual sporty pieces ranging from bracelets to shoelace charms, Momentum’s athletic jewelry will keep your motivation going strong. Amy, Momentum’s founder, was in search of a little something extra when planking during a fitness class! What a simple yet powerful “you’ve got this!” would have meant at the time is what inspired her to create functional fashion to get others through a tough workout or even a tough day! Whether at work, at play or on the go, this personal champion is the perfect pick-me-up! With a visible reminder to “Dig Deep” or “Live Every Day with Intention,” these vibrant baubles will truly speak to you when you need it most! To shop all of Momentum’s looks, visit


It was a simple request from her 10-year-old son Oliver that drove Mindy Scheier to challenge conventional clothing options for children and adults with physical disabilities. Suffering with muscular dystrophy, Oliver’s request to wear jeans to school left Mindy questioning why jeans were not created to fit over her child’s leg braces he needed in order to walk. She saw this request from her son as an opportunity to enhance his options by adapting mainstream clothing to fit those who are differently-abled. Whether confined by a wheelchair, leg braces or other obstacle that once left a person with fewer fashion options, the possibilities are now improving thanks to Mindy’s Runway of Dream Foundation. Now the authority on adapting mainstream clothing, Runway of Dreams’ goal is to “change the fashion landscape so it’s inclusive of everyone,” especially children like Mindy’s son. Collaborating with major players in the fashion industry, not-for-profit Runway of Dreams has launched a successful indiegogo campaign which encourages people to take action and change the lives of those struggling with fewer clothing options due to physical disabilities. Ultimately, the designer hopes that Runway of Dreams will become an option in major mainstream clothing stores throughout the nation and beyond. To support Runway of Dreams, visit


In her hometown of Montreal, Canada, Amanda was gearing up to raise money for The Women’s Weekend to End Breast Cancer, when she re-discovered her love for crafting unique jewelry that would help support a cause. Amanda, along with her sister Tiffany, launched Sweetheart Jewelry Box, an affordable and hand-made line of jewelry featuring bracelets, earrings and necklaces that won’t break the bank. Using gorgeous glass beads and chic crystals in their designs, Amanda and Tiffany have made it easy to find pieces to layer or match with others in their collection.  “We’re pursuing our dream to be creative on a daily basis,” says Amanda. “We are passionate about what we do and hope you can see the love we put into each handmade piece.” These delicate and feminine baubles can be found at, and with the majority of the collection below $20, you’ll have the look of luxury without paying the price!