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Wardrobe Redirect

Wardrobe Redirect

By Dana DeMercurio 

As the New Year fast approaches, we can’t help but be excited for what 2015 will bring to the world of fashion.  With heightened anticipation, we’ve challenged ourselves to take a good hard look into our closets and partake in a bit of early spring-cleaning, if you will! It’s time to make room for new trends and put some of that out-of-date apparel to rest. Here’s what we mean:

1.  Sweater vests:  Or really any vests for that matter.  Unless someone is tossing you their keys and asking you not to scratch the paint, vests are a fashion faux pas.  If you’re just looking for a quick way to cover up, whether at work or attending a business casual dinner, blazers are the way to go.  Sexy yet smart and sophisticated, blazers are the ultimate alternative to whatever awful poly-blend  piece that’s currently collecting dust in your closet.  Ditch the dated vest look and opt for a fitted or even relaxed-fit blazer to class-up your look.  Your 90’s self will thank you.

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2.  Chunky belts:  If ever there was a look that’s out, it’s this.  Skinny is the way to go when it comes to cinching sweaters around the waist or adding a little flair to otherwise ordinary business slacks.  Skinny belts have really made their mark in the fashion world, with an endless array of colors, textures and patterns to fit any fashion sense.

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3.  Round-Toe Ballerina Flats: We’re all guilty of owning a pair of this undeniably fashionable footwear, but the flat fad has since branched out and the basic round toe has taken a back seat to rivals like the d’Orsay and loafer looks.  Unless you’ve got a hoard of classic Chanel round-toes (which will never go out of style), try an edgier style this New Year.

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4.  Neon: Unless you’re planning to attend your teenager’s Spring Break 2015 in Cancun, you can put the neon clothes and accessories away. And by ‘away’, we mean donate to the nearest second-hand store.  Sure, there are some cute yet subtle neon pieces that help make an outfit pop, but if you’re draped in these flamboyant colors, you’re doing your wardrobe (and your body) a disservice.  If it’s color you seek, go for more flattering hues like royal blues, deep purples and subtle greens and pinks.

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5.  Oversized Sunglasses: Finding the right pair of sunglasses is one of the most daunting fashion tasks a fashionista faces as a shopper.  Rather than pinball from store to store, we understand why women settle for whatever’s on sale or in style.  But that doesn’t necessary mean it works for your face shape.  You wouldn’t select a disproportionate dress or jacket just because it was easy, would you? So why not put some effort into finding the perfect sunnies for you!  Ditch the oversized glasses and have a sales associate help in your decision by making recommendations based on your unique facial features (i.e. nose, cheeks, brows).  Believe it or not, these play a huge role in what looks good and what doesn’t.

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