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The Eco Fashion Revolution: I AM NOT A VIRGIN

The Eco Fashion Revolution: I AM NOT A VIRGIN

By Olivia Orzech

From chemicals in the fabric to being produced in unsafe manufacturing plants, the clothes you’re wearing probably aren’t doing much good for you, and are definitely not doing any good for the environment. While there are a few eco-friendly clothing companies out there, few of them are able to find a good balance between being fashion forward and eco-friendly. Well, now we have a solution: I AM NOT A VIRGIN (IANAV) clothing company is an emerging brand dedicated to making fashion forward clothing, that also happens to be eco and human-conscious.

I AM NOT A VIRGIN was founded by Australian born Peter Heron in 2011 when he came to New York City to start his own business. His idea was to use green technology to make a “better fitting sweater” that fights the norm of eco-fashion by focusing first on making it fashionable, then second, making it eco-friendly. This kind of thinking ensures that the consumer has “Eco-sexy” options, meaning: fashionable clothing that just happens to be kind to them, the earth, and the people making the clothing.

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Most clothing is produced using toxic chemicals and GMOs, which end up hurting the areas they’re manufactured in. Not to mention the mass deforestation, animal cruelty, and child labor practices that go into producing clothing. This is why Peter and his team want to change the game completely, starting with where they manufacture the clothing. They only select manufacturers who have the highest standards for employee treatment.

After a lot of research, Peter combined the current use of making clothing from leftover fabric with his own concept: fabric made from plastic bottles and cotton. The recycled plastic bottles are used to create Polyester which is then blended with the cotton, creating a super soft fabric perfect for a comfy sweater! The best part is that this is an easy to care for sweater, so all you have to do is throw it in the wash with the rest of your clothes.

In an effort to be a 100% eco transparent company, IANAV is developing their own material that will be even more eco-conscious. The material is made from 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET) yarn and discarded rice husks (in substitution of cotton) that will create a comfortable material using products that won’t add excessive harm to the planet. Between the new material and changing the way clothing is sold, they are hoping to be a part of the much need global fashion revolution.

Become a part of the change by supporting I AM NOT A VIRGIN on, you can donate to the cause or purchase one of the four sweaters they’ve designed. The sweaters fit true to size and will be at your door by November 30th, just in time for the holidays!