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Styling tips for Fall by Dale Noelle of true model

Styling tips for Fall by Dale Noelle of true model

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Fall is fast approaching and it’s time to trade in the tank tops and shorts for more seasonally appropriate pieces. It’s imperative to not lose sight of style as the cold weather hits. Here are some tips to staying stylish (and warm) during the transition:

1.  Recognize your body type-

The female body varies in shape and size. If you have an hourglass shape, be sure to accentuate your tiny waist line. Belted jackets that cinch around the waist will bring your shape much positive attention. For the apple-shaped, or rounded, female, focus on the shoulders and leg area; this will minimize your midsection and create the S-curve illusion. Flowy fall tops or swing coats for chillier weather will be the most flattering. If you are noticeably heavier in the midsection and have a slim lower body (carrying all the weight toward the tummy area), aim for cropped jackets with banded bottoms that will again, create the illusion of a smaller waist. Pear shaped women with wider hips should accentuate their top halves and create balance. Structured jackets with details and fun patterns draw the attention to the top half of the body. A diversion of the attention to the lower half will create a more balanced body perspective. Remember, all bodies are different and it is up to you to decide what is more aesthetically pleasing. The key to styling for your body is creating the shape you desire and a balance so the body will be desirable to others. 

2.  Be mindful of the colors of the season-

Earthy neutrals are in this season. Fashion forecasters have foreseen sage, rose, and ranges of bold colors reflecting landscape (full of blues, browns, greens, and grays) as the colors of the upcoming fall season. Choose the color(s) that pop(s) against your skin. Do not be afraid to mix and match the colors. Fall is colorful in itself. Stay festive. 

3.  Layer, layer, layer-

The season is changing. Be bold! Do not be afraid to layer your clothes as you mix those colors. Always be mindful of styling for your shape; do not disguise your body under a plethora of items, but, rather, mix and match to create a nicely balanced full ensemble. Try a nice blouse with an outer jacket with an accessory piece such as a belt or a scarf. The great thing about this season is it is the perfect blend of warm and cool. The options are endless! 

4.  Wear your confidence-

No matter what garment you wear, remember YOU are carrying it; do not let it carry you. The most important piece you carry with every outfit will be your confidence. You confidence stays with you through all four seasons and will be consistently striking if exercised daily. 

Fall: a season of color, change, and celebration. Let your fashions match the season!