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Rosie Pope – A Mom in Manolo Blahnik’s

Rosie Pope – A Mom in Manolo Blahnik’s

By Melanie K. Nelson

When most of us think about pregnancy it can seem scary, stressful, and definitely unglamorous!  Next come the thoughts of being a Mom and trying to balance work, family, and everything else.  Luckily, there is one woman who seems to have it all figured out and now she’s helping other women with their pregnancies.

Rosie Pope is a pregnancy concierge on her Bravo show Pregnant in Heels where she helps pregnant women work through all types of problems from ending style ruts, to planning home births, and even taking parents-to-be to Twiniversity!  She is also a Mom of two little boys and a brand new baby girl and on top of all of that she has her own maternity line.  Even with all of that going on, she made some time to sit down and talk with AKA Mom about style, pregnancy, parenting, and more.

AKA Mom: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today!  You seem to be doing the impossible, balancing your home life, as a Mom of 3 little ones, and taking the world by storm with your business.  What are your secrets for making it work as a businesswoman and Mom?

Rosie Pope: Time management is imperative.  You can’t just hope you’ll get it all done in a day so you must make sure you’ve figured out in advance how to do everything.  Also, I may not get a great deal of quantity of time to do each individual thing. That means I have to make absolutely sure I spend quality time.  So if I am with the kids I am 100 per cent present, the same goes for work, my husband and so on. It’s not easy to do but it makes it all work.

AKA Mom: After having three children of your own and helping countless Moms prepare for their new babies, what is one of your biggest lessons that you have learned?

Rosie Pope: Children and becoming a parent make you face your own self doubt, your own internal issues.  You must come to terms with them and work through them to become a person you are proud of and proud for your children to know.  If you don’t like who you are it will make good parenting very tough.

AKA Mom: Let’s talk a little bit about the show!  You have a very unique job, how did you come up with the idea of a pregnancy concierge?

Rosie Pope: Becoming a parent is a scary thing and before you embark on the journey people tend to know very little about it. I know I didn’t.  As I embarked on my own journey I realized how wonderful it would be to haves someone to guide me, to help me and to connect me to the experts I needed. Hence, I become a maternity concierge!


AKA Mom: You experience a lot of different and unusual situations on the show.  Have you ever gotten a request from a client that that seemed impossible?

Rosie Pope: I am laughing because almost every request seems a little impossible at times!  But when I dig deeper and realize what the real problems/anxieties are, I know I can help solve them.

AKA Mom: Why do you think that it is important for women to maintain a sense of style during their pregnancy?

Rosie Pope: It’s simple: when you look good you feel good. And when you feel good you have more energy and enthusiasm to have a better pregnancy and be a better parent. I don’t think making a connection between the way you feel and how you parent is far fetched and style is part of that for many people.

AKA Mom: For women that don’t feel stylish while pregnant, what tricks are there to re-ignite the pre-pregnancy confidence?

Rosie Pope: Here are my quick tips:

  • Embrace your new shape, it’s not forever so enjoy it and wear clothes to flatter it.
  • See pregnancy as a celebration and the clothes are part of that.
  • Throw on some wedges to give yourself that extra lift and dressed up feeling.

AKA Mom: How do you describe your personal style and do you think that it is reflected in your maternity line?

Rosie Pope: Classic and elegant but comfortable. And this is absolutely reflected in my line. I like to design styles that look good on many different types of bodies and that can transcend pregnancy into parenting.

AKA Mom: What are some of your summer pregnancy style tips?

Rosie Pope: Don’t be afraid of bright colors (even highlighter), bold prints and horizontal nautical stripes.  If you wear these prints in styles that flatter your body you’ll be ready for summer in style.

AKA Mom: What are the 5 key fashion pieces every pregnant woman needs? 

Rosie Pope:

  1. Light weight cotton blouse
  2. Wrap Dress
  3. Denim
  4. Long Camis
  5. Shirt Dress (with optional over the belly belts)

AKA Mom: What are your must have products for pregnant or new-Moms?

Rosie Pope:

  • Aden+Anais swaddle Blankets
  • Microwave steam sterilizers
  • Avent natural bottles
  • Journal or app to keep track of feedings… and dirty diapers
  • Interference Free Monitor
  • Aquaphor







–I truly couldn’t do it without these products…they are must haves!

AKA Mom: What makes the Philips AVENT Natural Bottle different from bottles currently on the market?

Rosie Pope: It best replicates the breast so that your baby experiences feeding from the bottle that feels as close to the breast as possible.  It is also designed to reduce gas and colic as much as possible.  These things combines really puts a mother’s mind at ease if they choose to bottle feed.

AKA Mom: Your seem to be always like juggling a thousand different things at once, what are some of your current projects?

Rosie Pope: Pregnant in Heels Season 2 is underway Tuesday’s at 10pm on Bravo, I just opened another store in Santa Monica, my line has launched at Pea in the Pod and I’m thrilled to say my book “Mommy IQ: Rosie Pope’s Complete Guide to Pregnancy” will hit shelves Oct 2nd.