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A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

By Ilaria Jones

I’m sure you have heard the infamous line plenty of times. In any ensemble, you can add a pop of color. In the summer or winter, with prints or while color blocking, a pop of color can be just what you need to add that wow factor. Even if you are not comfortable with bold or bright colors, subtle pops of color can add the same effect when executed correctly. Add some color in your wardrobe with these ideas!

For the Subtle: Nails

Adding a bold or rich color to your nails is an easy way to add a pop of color.  It not only gives you a chance to try a color you wouldn’t particularly wear, it gives you the chance to get used to a certain color over time. Though it may seem like your nails are not always a part of your outfit, you can effortlessly add them in the same way you would a lip color or accessories. To achieve using nails as your element of color, try wearing a solid pallet like a black and white combo or a solid earth-toned dress with neutral makeup and a bold nail color. Watch as your nails steal the show!

OPI: La Paz-itively Hot       Ginger + Liz: Never a Dull Moment     Wet N Wild: Need a Refresh-Mint

nailpolish1                                                  nailpolish2                                                     nailpolish3

                                                                      (non-toxic & vegan!) 

Written All Over Your Face: Lips!

Adding a colored lip can completely change the look of an outfit. Though a classic red lip can usually add just the perfect amount of pizazz, it’s always fun and exciting to find a new color and fall in love with it. From deep, rich colors to bold, bright colors, there’s always a perfect shade that compliments your complexion and undertones. Go to your local department store and try on different colors at a makeup counter. You can even go to your local beauty store and pick out colors you may want to try without the price commitment.

Mac: Heroine                                              Lip Tar: Pretty Boy                                            YSL: Blood Red

lipstick1                                                              liptar2                                                    lipstick2


The Ultimate Pop: Accessories

Colored Accessories might be the easiest way to add daring or even multiple pops of color. From belts and necklaces to bags and shoes, the possibilities here are virtually endless. Something as simple as a skinny colored belt or bright blazer can give your look a totally different feel. Using accessories to add multiple pops is just as easy. For instance, start with a brown dress; add a yellow necklace and a red bag. The colors will play off of each other giving a visually stimulating effect!

Kate Spade                                                           Style & Co.                                          Gianna Meliani

purse1          belt2                shoes2