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Philanthropic Panties That Hold Your Period. No, Seriously.

Philanthropic Panties That Hold Your Period. No, Seriously.

By Dana DeMercurio

Most women would agree that Mother Nature’s monthly gift is more of a curse, so what would you say if we told you that there’s a better way to power through your period? Sounds impossible, right? Don’t worry, we were a bit skeptical at first too. But then this happened.

We discovered THINX, a serious game-changer in the world of period panties. Modern women are ditching their dingy drawers complete with period stains and opting to go tampon and pad free. That’s right – there’s a revolutionary underwear that virtually eliminates the need to wear any menstruation products except for a pair of THINX ultra-absorbent skivvies.

Imagine no more secret trips to the bathroom with a tampon up your sleeve or tucked away in your pocket. No more digging for a quarter to purchase a pad last minute in the ladies room when Flo comes to town unscheduled. No more hiding the fact that you were born with ovaries, goddammit! It’s time for women to embrace their period and enjoy the possibility of freedom associated with THINX. Let’s open up to this idea, shall we?

THINX’s period-proof panties work like this: four layers of patented technology including a moisture-wicking top layer that keeps you feeling dry, followed by an anti-microbial layer that fights bacteria, a third layer that holds up to 2 tampons worth of liquid (depending on style) and finally a leak-resistant layer that vows to keep even the whitest pants white during your period. No, seriously, THINX says they’re safe, so they’re safe. And no ladies, they aren’t like diapers. You won’t be sitting in a pool of your own blood as if it were a 10-hour-old pad on your heaviest day. The four layers are expertly designed to give you a clean, dry feeling. All. Day. Long.


THINX is also wildly aware that no woman wants to wear granny panties during her period, which is why they created three styles that are actually worth wearing – thong, cheeky and hiphugger. And what’s better – you don’t have to change them throughout the day depending on your flow. Just simply use, hand wash, dry and reuse.


Unlike most of our trusty tampon and pad brands that are run by men, THINX is a labor of love by two sisters and a friend at the helm. Twin sisters Miki and Radha Agrawal of NYC along with Antonia Dunbar are striving to put an end to the taboo mysteries of menstruation by allowing women to embrace a more relaxed, stress-free period. The product, made at a female, family-run factory in Sri Lanka, is committed to reinventing feminine hygiene products to accommodate all women around the world.

In fact, when you purchase a pair of panties by THINX, they send funds to their partner, AFRIpads, to help girls and women in Uganda who may not have accessible menstrual supplies otherwise. In under-developed countries such as Uganda, having your period doesn’t just mean bleeding for a few days. It can be a life-threatening scenario for women who either don’t have sanitary products or are using ineffective products that can result in leakages and even infections. And we all know the shame and utter embarrassment associated with leaking in public (high-school flashbacks, anyone?).


THINX is taking philanthropy to a new level by providing these women not with hand-outs, but with life-changing tools and resources to make them self-sufficient when it comes to their cycle. Missing school or work is a common disadvantage for these women during their period, causing them to fall behind in their studies or ability to provide for their families. Thanks to THINX co-founders, they are addressing this problem through every pair of panties sold.

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