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One Item, Three Looks


There are very few people that are busier than the modern Mom. From work, to the kids’ events, and maybe even grabbing some drinks with the girls, Moms are constantly transitioning between their many roles. Don’t you wish that your fashion could do the same? This article is all about taking one versatile item and switching your accessories to help you create very different looks on the fly! Read More »

Rosie Pope – A Mom in Manolo Blahnik’s

Rosie Pope Philips Avent

When most of us think about pregnancy it can seem scary, stressful, and definitely unglamorous! Next come the thoughts of being a Mom and trying to balance work, family, and everything else. Luckily, there is one woman who seems to have it all figured out and now she’s helping other women with their pregnancies. Read More »

From Runway to Real Life

runway walk

Sometimes it seems like the fashion world has grown detached from the reality of day-to-day life. The key is to find a way to translate the trends from the runway into wearable style that works for you... Read More »



If candles and kitchenware can get into every home in America through home parties, why not use a home party business to help women all over the world out of poverty? And that is how Trades of Hope began. Read More »

Does a Sexy Tankini Really Exist??

As moms we look for swimwear that not only flatters but also hides any flaws. If your tummy is your trouble, the Tankini is a great option! However, we often come across Tankini’s adorned with large floral patterns, ready made boobs, gaudy beading and low and behold… bottoms that you could parachute with. In other words, something you might have ... Read More »