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Making The Most of Fall Fashion & Beauty Trends

Making The Most of Fall Fashion & Beauty Trends

By Dana DeMercurio

Someone has to say it before it’s too late, so it might as well be us: It’s time to step out of your cold-weather comfort zones, ladies.  Don’t commit the ultimate fashion sin and give up on style for the sake of comfort this season.

It’s time to ditch the yoga pants (don’t act like your drawers aren’t stuffed with dozens even though you’ve never done a ‘downward facing dog’ in your life) and up the ante with stunning beauty and fashion trends that will heat up even the coldest of days.

Follow our guide to fabulous fall style with these beauty and fashion trends for any woman:

Fashion Trends:

Orange You Beautiful:

falltrends1 falltrends2

Before writing off orange as a color that “doesn’t look good on me,” remember that wearing orange doesn’t mean you have to look like a road construction cone.  Instead, try different shades that compliment your skin tone, from juicy, vibrant oranges to more subdued, pastel shades.

Owl Always Love You:

falltrends3 falltrends4

Animal accents are back for a repeat season (or threepeat, but who’s  counting)!  We love a cozy sweater dress featuring fury little creatures, or a simple frock with colorful embroidered birds for just the right amount of pop!

It’s a Wrap!:


Wrap coats are what happens when you really want to wear a blanket to work, but figure your boss might not approve. If this sounds like you, settle for an oversized wrap coat for that unbeatable cozy feeling this fall.  Love the concept but need more structure?  Try a streamlined wrap coat with a turtleneck for a more sophisticated look.

Beauty Trends:

Gleaming with Glitter:

falltrends7      falltrends8

Who doesn’t love glitter?  And no, it isn’t just for tweens. Glitter eye shadow and lipstick were staples among catwalk models at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s Fall 2014 lineup.  So embrace jewel tones like emerald and silver for eyes, and bold glittery brown for lips.

Throwback with a Twist: 


The 60s are alive and well in the world of beauty, including full lashes, thick eyeliner and the quintessential hair of excessive height.  But you don’t have to pack all these styles into just one look.  Pair a 60s-themed beauty trend with a modern touch and let the possibilities unfold.

Bold Brows


If you haven’t invested in a good pair of tweezers, not to fret.  Thanks to Lorde and the like, bold brows aren’t going away any time soon, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  No need to go gung-ho when tweezing this fall, just a bit of scaping and perhaps coloring to get just the right amount of boldness for your brows.