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Honoring Every Day Heroes With a Helping Hand: StationKid Gives Back

Honoring Every Day Heroes With a Helping Hand: StationKid Gives Back

By Samantha McConnell

Each day, we are privileged to be surrounded by heroes of all sorts. From the firemen racing to the scene of a blazing fire or to rescue a pesky kitten who has gotten stuck in a tree, to the police working diligently to keep criminals off the street and away from our livelihoods. Yes, the same police officer that issued that speeding ticket last week is still a hero! Sometimes however, the everyday heroes can’t keep all harms away, not even from their own families. Sometimes, heroes and their families find themselves swimming in debt from medical expenses.

Finally, a hero has been established for the heroes.

StationKid is a product line for kids that place emphasis on the heroes that risk their lives for others every single day. The high quality apparel features recognizable symbols of firefighters, police and lifeguards so that kids can build a familiarity with those brave men and women who work to keep them safe every day.

Aside from aiding to build familiarity with these everyday heroes, StationKid has an even bigger mission; to work as heroes to the heroes.

StationKid was established by the family of a firefighter after realizing that sometimes, even heroes need a helping hand and that although they may seem to be, firefighters, police and lifeguards are not invincible and neither are their families. Sometimes, these brave workers or their family members fall ill, which we all know can lead to devastating debts.

Therefore StationKid made the easy decision to establish a brand that in addition to being colorful, fun and functional, but also provides monetary support to heroes and their families when they need help. To do so, a generous portion of every single sale goes to help the family of a hero in need. These proceeds go to help the family of these everyday heroes to curve the cost of medical bills, groceries, even home renovations to develop a wheelchair accessible home.

With the holidays coming up, what a wonderful opportunity to not only provide your own children, nieces and nephews or grandchildren with fun and functional attire, but to also aid in helping a family in need, a family who spends every day helping others. As an added perk, AKA Mom’s get an awesome discount of 20% off their purchase! Simply use promo code AKA20!

Do you know of a hero in need that you would like to see benefit from the help of this heartwarming company? Fill out the nomination form here to be considered.