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Fabulous Finds – Fashion & Beauty

Fabulous Finds – Fashion & Beauty


For Age Spots and Uneven Pigmentation of the Skin Eraserage® harnesses the power of 3 powerful active ingredients to improve age spots and uneven pigmentation. Developed by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a celebrity plastic surgeon featured on The Doctors, Fox TV, and Good Day LA. Use Eraserage® if you are serious about improving your skin tone and complexion. You can also use Eraserage® for age spots of the hand and for melasma (mask of pregnancy)! • 716.839.3638  $48 plus tax


Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
From cracked heels and parched lips to ragged cuticles and diaper rash, Yu-Be is the top selling vitamin-enriched skin care cream in Japan today. The gentle, non-greasy glycerin formula is safe for the whole family and soothes even the driest, most irritated skin. Now available at Sephora and


Experience the Joy of Yoga 24/7
Enliven your body, mind, & spirit with over 60 online yoga classes from beginner to advanced.   Practice anytime with only $6/month, use Coupon Code: B4EE, and receive your first 30 days for only $1. Join us today at



ellura™: Finally a cranberry supplement that works ellura is the only all-natural cranberry supplement providing
the clinically proven once daily dose of 36mg PAC to flush bacteria from the bladder. Plus only ellura meets the French
health claim.



Miracle Skin Renew Serum
Holistic Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle One Serum, Hundreds of Practical Uses for Adults & Children Nature’s first aid and skin repair. Made from 16 of nature’s most skin-friendly plant extracts. Serum is rich with antioxidants known to help renew working hands, reduce under eye wrinkles, and provide quick repair therapy to damaged skin. Fresh Skin Rx Natural Eczema, Rash & Anti-Itch Creme; Soothes in Seconds Botanical ingredients safe for children & adults.
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Cocoon Baby
: protect little one’s skin Winter weather can be very drying on little one’s skin. Cocoon Baby is the perfect blend of botanical and natural ingredients to nourish and protect their skin. • 866.681.0732