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Cozying Up with Winter Coats

Cozying Up with Winter Coats

By Dana DeMercurio

In case you didn’t know, there’s more to be added to a stylish winter-weather wardrobe than just leather boots, knit stockings and infinity scarves.  Once the weather dips below 50, it’s time to consider your stockpile of suitable outerwear – and coats in particular.

First, a public service announcement needs to be made. Not all outerwear is created equal, nor should they all be categorized as “jackets” or “sweaters.” We often make this mistake, and designers would have us banished from New York Fashion Week for not knowing the difference (helpful hint: jackets cover only to the lower back, while coats are meant to provide more warmth down to the derrière and upper thighs).  Here to enlighten you further – and perhaps stimulate your need for early Christmas shopping – is a lookbook of statement coats every woman should have ready when the winter months come calling.

coats1           coats2           coats3            coats4

Animal print is often shied away from due to lack of proper styling (we all have that tacky, animal-print loving friend who does it all wrong, don’t we!?) Embrace your animal instincts this winter with coats that express your wild side – just be careful not to overwhelm the ensemble.  Keep it simple with complimentary tones and subtle accessories.

coats5           coats6           coats7           coats8

The winter weather may be monochrome with its grey and white skies, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be too! Don’t be afraid of vibrant blues, greens, purples and reds this season, as it lends to a much needed pop of energy and radiance during an otherwise dull solstice.  (Hint: nothing is off limits, including floral prints!)

coats9           coats10           coats11          coats12

So you’re a member of PETA? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Faux fur and vegan leather outerwear are a great alternative to the real thing, and we don’t have to tell you why! It’s easy to keep your conscience clear knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of these fine coats.