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Busy mom’s guide to staying chic and classy

Busy mom’s guide to staying chic and classy

By Zara Lewis

A few Saturdays back we had first row seats at the dolphin show; to make the kids laugh, my husband imitated a dolphin on our way home, the entire way. My best friends had the first row at NYFW. Oh, well.

Motherhood and Prejudice

It wasn’t that long ago that fashion was my passion (these two simply have to rhyme!) and I was all about what to wear the next day. Everyone at the office admired me for being a successful entrepreneur and a chic style piece, and I loved it. And then came the kids and the priorities changed. It’s a very slippery slope from Flora by Gucci to Powder Baby Formula, but in the long run – it’s worth it. You’re caring for another human being, this wonderful, unique soul – and there’s no joy like it.

Still, what most moms tend to forget is that, despite being entrusted with this amazing role of a mother, forgetting to love yourself isn’t required. You don’t have to stop pampering yourself, loving brands (Don’t you just adore those phenomenal Spring 2017 Dior printed shirts!) or working out. You can still have dinner dates with your husband and a full social calendar. Yes, you are also permitted to spend a little more on the latest Valentino bag (even if you have to stuff it with your kid’s favorite pacifier and teddy) and plan a weekend getaway with your besties! Things get even easier, since nowadays you can shop these fabulous things online: just a few clicks on the SSENSE website in my case, and a few days of waiting, and here I am: happy & chic again!


To all of you gorgeous moms out there, here are just a few tips that will help bring that fashion sparkle back!

Channel your Duchess of Cambridge

We’ll never forget THAT blue polka dot dress Kate wore when she presented her prince to the world. It was youthful and feminine yet very toned down. There was such a sweet grace about it that we almost melted!

Steal Kate’s style by wearing easy, light and flowy dresses that will complement your post baby figure and hide all that needs hiding. Add a twist by opting for quirky prints and vibrant colors, and give your mommy style an adorable charm. Make sure your hair is always clean, even if you are to keep it in a pony. Add accessories like bows (on ponies), cute button earrings and white gold necklaces. Ballerina shoes are chic and perfect for a mom (plus, they are super comfy!), so wear yours with pride!


Look up to the new age moms

Nobody does it better than our favorite runway models; their mommy duty is done just as fashionably as their catwalks and we’re happy there’s plenty of material to steal.

Imitate Gisele Bundchen’s jean shorts and shirt style, and feel uber chic. A beach wave is the perfect wash and go hair for a mom on the move so you may copy that, too. Throw a huge bag and a pair of sunnies into the mix and you’ll feel like a million bucks. Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr are both about that style too – so there must be something great about it, right?


Be Victoria Beckham

Take note from the ultimate soccer mom! Although she’s got enviable figure she keeps rocking black. And we get it! Black hides all sins and always looks chic – so why not wear a black A-line dress, black jeans or a pair of super slimming trousers? Gwyneth Paltrow is all about that black chic, too – so let’s all take a cue! A pair of shades and a fabulous trench or cardigan will make things even more elegant.


Keep things active

Follow in footsteps of Gwen Stefani and Naomi Watts who are all about staying mobile with their kids! Their fashion is comfortable yet very attractive – mixing and matching various styles looks edgy but extremely trendy. A pair of jeans mixed with a loose daddy shirt, your hair in a bun and adorable leopard print flats will make you look amazing! Take a cue from Sienna Miller and add a fur coat into the mix with colored frame sunnies, and become the talk and envy of other moms!