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By Ilaria Jones

Let’s face it: majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Even more shocking is the fact that many of us know our bra is too big (or small). It’s time to hang our ratty old bras up for good… giving us just the lift we need.

Curse of the Bad BraBraLaLa1

We all have them. That bra that is last in the drawer before wash day. The one we should have given up on a few weeks ago (or months, let’s be honest). Truth is, these bras do nothing for our self-confidence, appearance, or health.  Ill-fitting bras can contribute to back, shoulder, and neck pains, and in more serious cases, headaches, restricted breathing, and spinal issues. Pressure marks from tight, narrow straps or exposed, out of shape underwire can also be painful and unsightly. In addition to health concerns, old, unshapely bras create bulges and accentuate “back fat” under your clothing. 



The most typical two reasons women wear bad bras is that they either kept a bra too long, or they are wearing the wrong size altogether. Hand washing and hanging your bras opposed to tossing them in the washer and dryer or saving the tightest hook for when your bra stretches from normal wear can make your bras last longer, but eventually all bras will need replacing. With your new and existing bras, straps shouldn’t dig or slip, bands shouldn’t hurt, and your cleavage shouldn’t runneth over. These are all signs that your bra doesn’t fit correctly. Most times, when you are wearing the correct size, you won’t need to do a lot of adjustments.

The Perfect Bra


In most cases, you can get fitted for bras at lingerie and department stores absolutely free, which is the best way to figure out your size. If possible, it is useful to try on your bras before you buy them to ensure comfort and support. Generally, once you are sure of your size, the next step is figuring out what style of bra you want to wear. It is beneficial to have a variety of different styles to ensure always having the right bra for the occasion (it would be strange to wear a padded push-up under a t-shirt). It is best to stick to neutral colors like white, black, nude, and grey to achieve invisibility under clothing.  The number one rule to remember is your comfort and confidence is always most important, and a bra that makes you look and feel amazing can certainly boost your self esteem!

The T-Shirt Bra

Perfect for everyday wear



Victoria’s Secret

Push Up Bra

For when you need that extra “umph”


Bare Necessities

JC Penny

Strapless Bra

To avoid visible bra straps


Kewi Bra (Available in sizes D – P !)

Fresh Pair

Special Occasion

Backless, U-plunge, Adhesive… You name it!


Neiman Marcus