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Bikini Basics 101

Bikini Basics 101

By Dana DeMercurio

Who cares if its polka dotted, striped or floral, you just want the damn bikini to fit, right? If you’ve got the figure to don a two piece suit but aren’t sure which cut is right for you, fret not –there’s a bikini out there with your name on it…you just have to know the basics.

If you don’t want to spend your summer frantically searching through racks of mismatched bikinis, follow our guide to help you find the right bikini for your bod.

Bikinis for Small-Chested and/or Straight Figures:

Suits with added features and flair – ruffles, padding, fringe, rings – are all great choices that create the illusion of a larger chest. Be advised that plunging necklines work wonders compared to squared necklines, and the same goes for triangle tops (aka the classic string bikini look).  Embrace vibrant pinks, yellows and greens and bikinis with patterns and textures instead of solid or flat looks. To accentuate your hips, bikini bottoms with embellishments or chunky faux belts are the way to go.

smallchest1     flatchest2       image (4)

Bikinis for Full Chests

“Adjustable straps on bikini tops that adjust over the shoulders and/or around the back are great options for large-chested women,” says Koru eco-friendly swimwear designer Julie Stine. She points out that women with a cup size of C or larger may find halters to be heavy around the neck, and suggests underwire bikini tops for better support.

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Bikinis for Wide Hips and/or Stubborn Tummy Pooch

Full hips are great for giving birth, but not so great for a string bikini. If you want to disguise them, high-waist bikini bottoms and boy cut styles need to become your best friend this summer. “Along with these bottoms, fold-over tummy control options provide a smooth, seamless look,” Stine reveals. For women who like a little more coverage, Stine suggests investing in a sarong for a flirty yet tasteful look.

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*feature image provided by Koru Swimwear