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Another Day, Another Handbag

Another Day, Another Handbag

By Ilaria Jones

Bag Lady 

Have you ever noticed that the right (or wrong) purse can completely change the flare of an outfit? Whether you’re look is bold and unapologetic or understated and timeless, learn how to let your handbag do the talking for you.

Date Night

Phone, check. Keys, check. Lipstick, check. That should do it for your date night essentials. A sleek, versatile, black clutch is an all-around staple for any wardrobe. Dress it up, or down, and it still adds just enough style and convenience.

These clutches by Jamison Parker are flexible, sleek, and can be worn in a variety of different ways. Its small design makes it ideal for those sexy nights out. Aside from being affordable, the bags are 100% vegan and absolutely gorgeous! If you’re wearing a solid colored dress, try the leopard print clutch to add texture and dimension. If you’re really feeling bold, try mixing prints in the same color family. 


The Clutch

A Day in the Office 

While at work, the number one goal is comfort. Coming in at a close second is confidence, which is definitely boosted when you look the part.

Clean lines and smooth tailoring is appropriate no matter what field you’re in. For a classic look, black and white is a no brainer. Black and white can be accessorized with metals, pops of color, or you could keep it minimal for a more contemporary look.

As far as bags in the workplace, you can never go wrong with a satchel. Satchels are big enough to carry your tablet, files, and even your lunch. This look is sure to make you feel like CEO, even if you’re just the intern!


Star Satchels

Satchel Splurge!

Saturday Morning Errands

There’s no need to carry a big bag while you grocery shop and pick up the dry cleaning. While running your errands, a wristlet can hold all of your necessities. Be the superwoman you are with everything you need right at your fingertips. Jeans, flats, and shades are perfect because being casual is key. If you’re feeling drab, ditch the old t-shirt and go for a more refined look. A touch of color on the lip can also add an extra “umph” to a simple ensemble. When you look better, you feel better!


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