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A Gift Guide to Master Mother’s Day

A Gift Guide to Master Mother’s Day

By Dana DeMercurio

Keep mom looking young, beautiful and fresh with our favorite gifts for her this May.  From makeup applicators to unique jewelry designs, give your mom the very best by shopping our list of must-haves this season.

One-of-a-kind decorative pieces from artisan home furnishings by India and Purry will make your mom’s home even sweeter! A vision by artist Jessica Hollander, India and Purry offers distinctive designs from room ornaments, decorate throw pillows, customized note cards, festive coasters and more. Find the right theme for her, and your mom is sure to be wowed by your gift from India and Purry.  The soft pastels and tranquil blossom imagery found only in nature will bring warmth to her home all year around.


Searching for luxury fashion gifts for mom that won’t break the bank? Curations Caravan has you covered. Designed by global style expert and world traveler Stefani Greenfield, the Curations Caravan collection featured on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) is a one-stop shop for all things fashion. With patterned scarves, colorful jumpsuits, stunning dresses and tote-worthy handbags all inspired by exotic destinations like Greece’s Santorini,   Curations Caravan is truly an inspired collection for a globetrotting mom.  Shopping is made easy at, and their payment plans are a serious deal.  Be sure to check out Curations Caravan entire collection of affordable gifts for the fashionista in your family.


It’s hard enough for moms to multi-task, and the designers behind Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Nursing Covers have come to the rescue! These trendy and functional oversized, hands-free breast-feeding scarves offer full coverage for moms on the go with baby in tow. With an assortment of colors and patterns, choosing one for the new mom in your life will be a cinch!


Give mom the ultimate gift – a flawless face in a flash! Color Me, a sonic makeup application device, provides women with a simple and effective tool with outstanding results.  No need for expensive trips to the makeup artist, instead give Color Me a go.  Here’s how it works: the proven and patented technology in the Color Me applicator includes a battery-operated automatic sponge that applies foundation with nearly 15,000 pulses per minute.  It effortless buffs, blends and balances the look and feel of skin, minimizing fine lines to enhance her youthful glow. It even cuts application time in half! Regardless of whichever foundation your mom uses, the small but mighty Color Me applicator is up to the task of providing lasting coverage throughout her hectic day. Shop online at and have one shipped in time for Mother’s Day!


Looking for a symbol that shows the unbreakable bond you have with your mother? Look no further than the distinctive jewelry collection, Miracle Links. Launched just in time for Mother’s Day, Miracle Links features interlinking circles to create a necklace epitomizing love, togetherness and the miracle of motherhood. Utilizing the circle shape as a symbol of unity and harmony, Miracle Links allows moms to celebrate the birth and everlasting bond between her and her child along with the growth of her family. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, Miracle Links makes it easy for you to show mom the miracle of family this Mother’s Day. To view the Miracle Links collection and select a design, visit Kay Jewelers.

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