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3 of the Most Stylish Moms on Social Media

3 of the Most Stylish Moms on Social Media

By Greer Barnes

Becoming a mother is the best experience in the world, but so often women lose their sense of personal style post-pregnancy. Between working, taking care of the kids, and finding a few hours to sleep in between, moms just don’t have a lot of time to spend on themselves. These three social media mavens prove, however, that cultivating your sartorial style doesn’t have to stop after the arrival of kids. These ladies are only getting better with every day and their Instagram posts prove it!

  • Veronika from Mama Wears Prada blogs about everything from fashion and beauty to travel and cooking, so it’s no wonder that each of her Instagram posts offers something a little different for her followers. Some of her best and most adorable posts, though, feature her and her son in a sweet embrace.


  • Dasrozo is the epitome of cool moms. Her laid-back, urban aesthetic is reflected in her choice of flat bill hats and graphic tees. The Cali mom often posts photos of family outings and her kids rocking their mom’s signature style.


  • NYC mom Adanna of Rattles and Heels is all about conscious parenting and creating a community of moms who can teach and learn from each other. A self-proclaimed “Millennial Mom,” she has two kids whom she lovingly refers to as “The Princess Fairy” and “The Super Knight.”