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Winter Celebrations with Style

Winter Celebrations with Style

by Lindsey Mattson, Big Dot of Happiness

The holiday season is here and it is the time of year to celebrate your blessings with all of the special people in your life. Whether you are planning a holiday party with your besties, a small but fancy dinner with family, or a celebration that includes anyone and everyone, there are a few tips that will take the stress out of planning the fantastic, memorable event you’re dreaming about… because the real point of the holidays is truly enjoying the time with your loved ones.

1.  Use Personalized Party Supplies

Custom party decorations will make your celebration feel extra special – and even though it sounds like more work, there’s a way it can leave you with extra time to eat, drink and be merry! You can achieve the DIY look without actually having to do it. Choose one or two must-do crafts and then “cheat” with rest of the décor with products that just look DIY. This isn’t as expensive as it sounds – and it will look like a million bucks!



2.  Scout Out Décor

Take a walk around your house and see your home decorations in a new way. Maybe the candlesticks you have by the fireplace will make a great centerpiece – or the vase you tucked in the corner will make a great container for colorful candies. If you are still struggling to find fun pieces, don’t be afraid to call a friend and see what they have. You will be able to stay in your party budget and won’t have to store all of the decorations afterward.


3.  Easy Activities to Entertain Guests

You have everything planned out and on track for the perfect party – then BAM! the guests start to arrive and you are suddenly scrambling to get everyone introduced, dinner plated, and drinks poured. Giving your guests a simple and fun party activity will take the stress off you to break the ice so your event can run smoothly. A Gratitude Tree is the perfect choice for this time of year. Offer fun shaped cut-outs along with markers and some string. Then have guests write something they are thankful for and hang it on a twiggy tree. Everyone will enjoy reading them and you can even save them for upcoming years as you add to your tree of thanks.


4.  Plan to Prep Ahead

With the right menu, you will be able to prepare most of your event beforehand, leaving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the day. Treat boxes and snack cups are easy to fill the morning of then place at the beverage bar for guests to enjoy. Favor boxes can double as table decor when you use them at each placesetting. Fill them ahead of time with delicious wrapped chocolates. Use a decadent dessert wine after dinner paired with the chocolates and you won’t have to worry about pies or cakes.


The number one rule of planning a memorable party is to have fun! When you celebrate with cherished friends and family, you are guaranteed a good time – no matter what. So relax and enjoy yourself. This really is the most wonderful time of the year (so don’t stress)!





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