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Research-supported autism app tackles behavioral and social challenges

Research-supported autism app tackles behavioral and social challenges


AutisMate, a new iPad app from SpecialNeedsWare for those with autism, stands among the most respected and innovative options to help children develop communication and behavioral skills despite the challenges of autism. Individuals are given a comprehensive set of tools to navigate life with ease, providing for the lifelong learning, development and changing experiences of those across the spectrum.

While most autism apps on the market focus singularly on promoting one expressive form of communication, AutisMate recognizes the unique nature of every case of autism and works to first build comprehension on a personalized level to unlock a more varied set of expressions and needs. It allows children with autism along with their caretakers and teachers to easily import personal images, video, audio and other information into a visual scene-based platform.

To save time and effort, users also have the option of uploading videos, stories, and schedules geared specifically for autism from a vast content library. A GPS feature allows scenes to change according to the user’s location, making the software even more intuitive and applicable in real-time. This platform grows with the user and caters to his or her unique needs.


SpecialNeedsWare Co-Founder Jonathan Izak created AutisMate with his 11-year-old brother with autism in mind. He wanted to develop an app to help children like his brother communicate and learn tasks in the simplest way possible.

“Watching my brother grow up with such difficulty motivated me to create a tool for him and others that helps them communicate more comfortably and independently,” Izak said.

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Co-founder Ankit Agarwal puts together the colorful puzzle pieces of SpecialNeedsWare to create an intuitive interface that promotes a user-friendly experience.

“AutisMate is groundbreaking,” Agarwal said. “It currently stands as the only augmentative communication app that integrates behavioral learning into a holistic approach.”

While other communication devices tend to offer unfamiliar and generic stock images to promote verbal learning, AutisMate simplifies the platform by enabling teachers and caretakers to define familiar scenes for the user and layer potential actions over an individual image.

Additionally, AutisMate acts as a reliable companion for caretakers. The user friendly platform effectively eliminates the often stressful task of trying to communicate with a child with autism. It enables a parent to spend more time nurturing, educating and enjoying their time with their child.


The research-supported app has already helped hundreds of users to fully express themselves and improve connections with their families. Many users have expressed their support for AutisMate and shared stories of success and progress. One testimonial that SpecialNeedsWare has received is from a mother of a 7-year-old boy with autism: “I recently used [Autismate to help my son] understand what would be happening at a hospital visit to have tubes put in his ears (a procedure he had done before and had gotten very upset).This last visit he was calmer and cooperated really well! Thank you so much for providing a tool that gives me a way to help my sweet, loving son find understanding by allowing him to ‘think in pictures’.” 

You can learn more about AutisMate at To purchase the app on iTunes, click here.