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Etiquette and Raising Children


Between smart phones and computers people aren't required to interact face-to-face all the time anymore. And in my opinion, you need the face-to-face interactions to develop empathy for others and to, in turn, build and develop proper manners and etiquette. Read More »

Putting Your Best Footwear Forward this Winter Season


By now you’ve put away your beloved sneakers, your tattered flats, and your sun-soaked sandals (except for Floridians, of course). It might be a struggle for you to part with your fall favorites, but with the changing of the weather inevitably comes the changing of our footwear. And while most find this time as an excuse to purchase the latest and greatest in fashion-forward designs, be sure to follow our guide to fun and functional kicks for the whole family this winter season. Read More »

Is Santa Real?


When your child comes to you questioning if Santa is real and asking you, the parent, to confirm – one way or the other – I suggest taking a step back and a deep breath before responding. Read More »

Tips for Engaging Children in Holiday Planning

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The holidays are a great time to get kids involved with family activities, such as, gift shopping, decorating and helping with a meal. It builds excitement and allows them to be a part of something bigger than just their presents. As a father to 7, I’ve learned how to incorporate the kids in our holiday festivities over the years. Here are a few ideas to share with your family. Read More »