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Outfits That You and Your Daughter Can Agree On

Outfits That You and Your Daughter Can Agree On

By Melanie K. Nelson

It’s an age-old battle between Moms and daughters everywhere.  Teens have clear ideas about how they want to dress and as their Moms, we don’t always agree with their choices.  The seemingly impossible task is finding clothes that both you and your daughter can agree on!

The thing to keep in mind is that most teens just want to add a personal and sometimes edgy statement to their clothes.  This edge is easiest achieved by making clothes tight and short, thus the fashion battle between Moms and teens is born.  The key to a compromise is to find a way to add that edge that teens crave without venturing into clothing that’s too mature or provocative.

Here are three Mom and teen approved looks for summer:

The first outfit starts out with a pretty, feminine sundress.  Next add some contrast to the girly dress with a leather (or faux leather!) motorcycle jacket and a pair of riding boots.  Adding the tougher pieces in materials like leather add interest and balance to an otherwise purely girly look.  In this example I chose a tan jacket that isn’t as bold as a black leather jacket, but if your daughter is looking for a stronger look, go for the black!

This next outfit is all about compromise!  One of this season’s biggest trends is the high-low skirt.  Like the name suggests, this skirt is higher in the front than it is in the back.  High-low skirts can be found in all different colors, materials, and lengths but here is a mid-length skirt in a breezy purple fabric.  Moms like the high-low skirt because it is a great alternative to the ever-popular mini skirt, and teens love it because it is cutting edge and fun.  Pair it with a simple black v-neck tee and a fun statement necklace.  Make this outfit even bolder with mixing prints by adding leopard print flats to complete this edgy, but tasteful, look!

Since shorts are a staple of summer, and also a major source of conflict between Moms and their teens, the last outfit gives an alternative to the daisy-dukes that teens often try to sneak out of the house in.  These pretty lace shorts have a bit of a high waist and a longer inseam than most denim shorts, but their fun lace print and ribbon tie make them interesting and appealing to teens.  Pair these shorts with a sheer button up top (with a tank underneath, of course!) and some black floral flats for a fun, girly look that will keep your daughter cool on even the hottest days of summer!

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