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Last Minute Halloween: Easy DIY Costumes

Last Minute Halloween: Easy DIY Costumes

By Olivia Orzech

We’ve all been there: you’re cleaning out the backpacks and find, crumpled up at the bottom, the flier for the school Halloween party happening…tomorrow. There’s no way you have time to get to the Halloween store, so what now? Open your craft bins, rummage through your closet, and grab your glue gun, because here are a couple DIY Halloween costumes from Pinterest that can be made last minute!

1. The Mummy


Check out this costume idea from HubPages that you can easily make with sweatpants and swap out the muslin fabric for an old t-shirt or sheet that you can tear into strips. You can even use hot glue instead of fabric glue.

2. Jake From State Farm


Find some khakis, a red polo, and a plain white sticker to create this effortless and funny costume. Extra points if your son’s name is actually Jake.

3. Cat Lady


This will be the cutest cat lady you’ll ever see! Just get a few stuffed animal cats and a fluffy robe and this costume will be complete in moments.

4. When Life Gives You Lemons


Feeling a little sour about not having a costume..check out this sweet idea! All you need is a white t-shirt, permanent marker, and a bag of lemons.

5. Greek Goddess


Grab a few safety pins and a sheet and turn it into a flowing dress fit for a goddess. Complete it with a gold belt and a gold headband. Bonus points if you include small fake leaves in either gold or green.

6. Hula Girl


Bring a little Summer to the Fall season with this adorable grass skirt hula girl costume. If you can’t get your hands on the material for the skirt, you can use green party streamers and green ribbon to craft one of your own.

7. Ghost


You can’t go wrong with a classic: a sheet with a couple holes cut out of it. Call it being hipster or ironic, either way, it’s an easy and funny costume!