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Lakeshore® Launches Are You Ready?

Lakeshore® Launches Are You Ready?

Game Shows® to Prepare Kids for the New School Year—and Make the Most of Summer Break


Lakeshore ( launches a new series of play-at-home games designed to prepare children for the next grade of school Are You Ready? Game Shows®. This exclusive set of innovative and interactive learning games provides an easy way for parents to prevent summer learning loss and improve children’s school performance in the coming year.


Developed by Lakeshore’s team of expert teachers, these new games target the most essential math and language skills needed for success in kindergarten through 5th grade—while keeping kids incredibly engaged as they take on the exciting role of game-show contestants. Each Are You Ready? Game Show® comes packed with six different games that put children’s skills to the test as they answer questions, earn pretend cash and win cool rewards.

Included with each game is a free online assessment that shows parents the exact skills their child may need to work on. Parents simply enter the game results on Lakeshore’s website, and they instantly receive free printable activities that target the skills their child needs to polish before the new school year begins. As an added bonus, Lakeshore also provides product suggestions aligned to those skills for even deeper levels of support.


“Our Are You Ready? Game Shows® were created to help prepare children for the upcoming school year,” said Patti Rommel, Lakeshore’s Director of Research & Development. “According to the National Summer Learning Association, students can lose over two months of grade-level equivalency during summer—so we’re thrilled to be offering parents games that pinpoint important skills, prevent summer learning loss and are fun for their kids to play.” 

Lakeshore’s Are You Ready? Game Shows® are available at and at Lakeshore Learning Stores nationwide for only $29.99 each. To learn more about these innovative games, please visit