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Easy Ways to Make Bathtime Fun

Easy Ways to Make Bathtime Fun

By Daddy Nickell

  1. Get a Book: There are plenty of waterproof books that are bath time friendly. Books can help solidify a bath time routine while remaining fun and unique – who doesn’t love a floating, waterproof book? I suggest Scrubba Dub Dub with Daddy Duck; this sweet book is an easy read and the illustrations will bring the singsong-like words to life.
  1. Make Bath Paint: Bath paint can easily be made with shaving cream and food coloring yet is such a fun activity. Kids will love “painting” the walls of the tub with the shaving cream paint, and it cleans up easily, too. Learn more about shaving cream paint at The Imagination Tree Blog:
  1. Choose Cups, Spoons and Strainers: Many kitchen and cooking utensils can make bathtime extra fun. Grab items such as: spoons, plastic measuring cups, a strainer, a ladle, new sponges and anything else you think might be fun and let your child play and learn as they fill the items up with water and poor the water out again and again.
  1. It’s All About the Bubbles: Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Pick up some extra sudsy kid-friendly bubble bath of your choosing and add some bubbles to your child’s next bath. Bubbles allow for plenty of fun, and with so many soothing scents to choose from they may even help your child wind down for the evening.

There are lots of easy ways to make bath time even more fun for kids!

Happy parenting!

Daddy Nickell



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