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Cute and Comfy Summer Outfits for Your Kids

Cute and Comfy Summer Outfits for Your Kids

By Melanie K. Nelson

The holy grail of children’s clothing is an outfit that looks put together but is comfortable enough for your kids to still act like kids!  Summer is all about playing outside and your children’s clothes shouldn’t hold them back, but at the same time you don’t want to always send them out to play in ratty old tee shirts.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Soft fabrics are key!  Avoid denim and other heavy, stiff materials that will be uncomfortable and restrict movement.
  • Keep it simple!  While layers and accessories are great when you are dressing yourself, they are better off minimized when it comes to dressing kids.  Although the mini purse and bracelets looked adorable while you were dressing your daughter, you will probably end up just having to lug them around for her after 10 minutes at the park.
  • Give thought to the shoes!  If you and your child have a long day of playing planned, go for a shoe that will be comfortable and have straps to keep them on.  There is nothing worse than a day at the park ruined after a flip-flop related injury!
  • Don’t forget style!  Believe it or not, comfort and style can coexist in a child’s outfit.  Look for style details or fun pattern combinations that keep play clothes from looking sloppy.

With these tips in mind, here are some examples of play-friendly outfits:


For boys, look for shorts that are made of a soft fabric like linen or cotton.  These plaid, patchwork shorts are the perfect example of comfort and style.  Pair them with a cotton tee and some tan sandals for an outfit that you and your son will both love!

For girls it doesn’t get much simpler than a romper.  One of the things that makes rompers great for kids is that when you are in the morning rush to get them ready, you don’t have to worry about finding a matching outfit, just grab a romper and you are good to go!  These two rompers are in chambray and cotton, which are both soft and comfy fabrics that are great for kids.  Add a cute floral headband to keep their hair out of their faces and add a little bit of style.  Finally add a pair of shoes that will let them run and play, and your child is ready for anything!

Where to Buy

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